Hello and welcome to KomputerKid’s Website! This is a personal website, run by me, where I post to my blog primarily. I started this website in 2015 and it has gone through a few changes over the years.
If you have read all this, may I direct you to my blog.
If you have caught up with the news from the world of KK, may I suggest pictures of my cat.
If you have done those, why not join my public Minecraft server at mc.komputerkid.net if you happen to have a legitimate (AKA Premium) Minecraft account. You might meet some people and make some friends.
If you don’t have a Minecraft account, or don’t feel like joining my server, may I suggest my links page, with links to other cool sites, and useful links.
If you want to donate to me to help my website or whatever, my PayPal email is craigwessel9@gmail.com. You can also just use this email link to send me an email to say “hi” if you want, I don’t care. I like hearing from my visitors, and unless I start getting thousands of emails a day, I will try to respond to all of them.