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Social Media

In practice, social media is a great idea. The idea of being able to connect with people who you’ve thought you’ve lost eons ago, or people who you’ve moved far away from for one reason or another sounds great. Unfortunately, these days, social media is engineered so much towards negative energy and anger and hostility that I refuse to take part in that stuff. People say absolutely horrible things they would never say to you in person on social media, because they think they are hidden behind a keyboard, like they are some kinda “keyboard warrior”, as I’ve taken to calling them. Besides that, the world doesn’t need to know that I wiped my ass today, or that I took a vacation to fucking Cancun, as a kind of, rub it in your face, I’m better than you thing. If people would put the damn shit down and actually look at their fucking surroundings, the world would be a slightly better place.

If people REALLY need to get in touch with me, they can use my phone number to text me or call me. Or they can email me. Or, they can use an IM app like Telegram. Otherwise, you won’t find me on social media at all.

Text Messaging vs iMessaging

If you use an iPhone, surely you are aware of how if you are chatting with someone using a non-iPhone you get the horrible green bubble, but if you are chatting with someone who is using an iPhone… or an iPad or Mac or something Apple, you get the blue bubble. I don’t see why this is a big deal. Not everyone can afford an iPhone, and not everyone WANTS an iPhone either. I hate how kids my age and younger kids my siblings age will shit on you and basically destroy you emotionally and mentally because you have the “horrible green bubble”. Even going as far as to declare you to no longer be a friend. Is this really how pathetic the human race is becoming? Seriously? Why does it matter to YOU? If the green bubble is so horrible, why don’t you just use another messaging app entirely, instead of shitting on your friends. Because in all honesty, Texting and iMessage are horrible IM protocols compared to some of the other messaging apps we have today, like Telegram. You still can’t edit iMessages, and you will probably NEVER be able to edit texts, or delete them, due to the way the protocol is built.

Then again, at the rate we’re going, maybe not being friends with someone who has a green bubble isn’t the worst thing in the world. You could be a dick who will quit being friends with someone over their choice to get (or not get) the COVID-19 vaccine…

“Smart” things

Beyond a smartphone a smartwatch, and maybe a smart TV, the “smart” market is getting ridiculous. Seriously, why do we need internet connected bluetooth speakers, or coffee pots, or microwaves. And to be 100% fair, a smart TV is even a bit much. You can achieve the exact same shit as a smart TV with a regular old TV and a Raspberry Pi, and by using a Raspberry Pi, you won’t have to deal with anti-consumer features like the TV in your bedroom recording you being intimate with your girl and sending it back to HQ and the NSA to be used against you in the future. Hrm, wasn’t there a novel about this kinda stuff, almost 80 years ago?

Game Stores

Why does every game developer and their cat suddenly feel the need to have their own game store, when Valve’s Steam platform has been working fine for decades? I mean, I guess some people like to argue that lord GabeN likes to take a cut of the profits, but that’s a weak argument seeing as MOST games that are sold on other game stores will inevitably find their way to steam anyways, and so when you try to install these games through steam, you wind up with a bunch of bloat that no gamer wants to deal with, as it’s all unnecessary overhead. Besides, with the nightmare of a launch of the GTA Trilogy Remaster, I think it’d be far less headache for Rockstar to have simply stuck with Steam and paid GabeN the fees. Don’t fix what isn’t broken, dicks.

Streaming Services

With game stores in mind, I want to ask the same question about streaming services now too. Netflix was a great answer. But now it seems every media company and their cat needs to have their own streaming service. With all this said though, paying for the primary streaming services (Netflix, Prime, HBO Max, Paramount+, and Disney+) is still cheaper than paying for cable TV on a month to month basis, especially if you get something like Netflix or Disney+ included in your phone bill. I myself am guilty of paying for Netflix and Prime, and the monthly cost of the 2 of those is still cheaper than what I would pay for having actual TV service, and I can watch just about anything I damn well please, especially in the case of Prime where if it’s not included in the membership by default, I can just pay Amazon a small fee to add it to my Prime Video library forever.

RGB Software

Long live OpenRGB! It is ridiculous how unstandardized RGB is. Before OpenRGB you had to have separate software for each brand of device you had to control it’s RGB features and that creates an insane and unnecessary amount of bloat and overhead that nobody should have to deal with. OpenRGB has made it possible to control many different devices from different manufacturers in a single control panel & piece of software. Someone give Adam Honse a fucking Nobel award. Also OpenRGB makes it possible to actually configure RGB hardware easily on Linux distributions. Or macOS. (But I doubt many people who use macOS use RGB hardware.)

Steam Deck

I am super excited about the Steam Deck. This is something I have literally wanted since I was a small child. A full on PC that can play PC games in an easy to carry form factor. This is NOT a laptop. Laptops suck. Have you ever tried to actually use one on a plane, or on a bus, or in the back of a car? Because I have, and it is NOT ideal at ALL. The Steam Deck will bring the awesomeness of the concepts like the GPD Win Max and Aya Neo, into an extremely powerful, polished, and budget friendly package, and give Linux a serious edge in the gaming world, possibly allowing for a REAL competitor to Windows, for PC gaming.

UWP vs. Win32

Thanks to the fact that UWP is a thing, and games are starting to utilize it, I worry about the competitive edge Linux may have in the future, running Windows games. WINE and Proton are not able to play ANY UWP based games, as far as I know, so I have my doubts that UWP based games and apps will ever run in Linux. Seems to me like this is Microsoft trying to lock people into Windows…

Oh, I forgot, I have a fascination with airplanes, so I’m locked into Windows on my desktop thanks to FS2020


Linux is an excellent operating system, customizable down to the very kernel itself, and really teaches you a lot about how to operate a computer. Shame that most people who use it hate the minimal learning curve it takes to really use it. But I guess to be fair, for a grandma who just wants to look at funny cats and check emails on her 10 year old still perfectly good laptop, that’s a good use for it.


macOS, or as it used to be called, OS X, Mac OS X, or Mac OS, is honestly a babies toy. It has it’s place for sure. If you’re a developer or a content creator, macOS is probably one of the best environments you can use. But if you’re some kinda IT admin, or even just a regular power user, you’re probably better off with Windows or Linux. I think at this point, Linux has more games available for it natively than macOS does. And it definitely has more thanks to Valve’s work with Proton. This is ironic because macOS used to be quite a gaming platform back in the 90s, and 2000s. I think it’s because Apple shifted it’s marketing for macOS away from the average home user, and towards development and content creation.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows doesn’t deserve most of the flak it gets. Can it be bloated, unstable, buggy, and an insecure mess? Yes, but that is because more often than not, you either have poorly configured hardware that really shouldn’t be running Windows, or you are just an idiot who downloaded viruses while trying to download Minecraft mods or something. A lot of Windows issues can be avoided by proper PC maintenance, an ad blocker installed on your web browser, and some basic common sense. Now there are valid reasons to hate Windows. You pay almost $100 for an OS, and you get adverts on it. That’s a bit ridiculous. And of course, there are all the horrible anti-consumer features on Windows, especially dealing with privacy. Also the TPM requirements for Windows 11 is a bit ridiculous… or the fact that Skylake and 1st generation Ryzen is apparently “too old” to officially run Windows 11.

Donald Trump

Jesus Christ, how did this guy get so fucking close to the nuclear launch codes? What a fucking lunatic and moron. Glad he’s gone. AND STAY OUT!!! Although, in all honesty, it’s not like Joe Biden is much better…

Joe Biden

As bad as Trump is, Biden is just as bad. Jesus Christ, why do we keep giving old senile men access to the nuclear launch codes? Are we really that hellbent on ending our own goddamn existence? Just make it stop, please. Stop listening to the media, and buying into the illusion of choice, and fucking vote 3rd party or, hell, write in Sanders next time.

Jo Jorgensen

Jo was one of the ONLY sane candidates in the 2020 election, if not THE sanest candidate. Christ, why did she not get more votes than she did… At least she isn’t a senile old fart, like the other 2 fuckers on that quote unquote “debate stage”.

Bernie Sanders

Even though I do not agree with all of his policies, I do admit that when Bernie says something, he actually means what he says. Bernie has been fighting for the shit he says we need since the fucking 60s or something. Bernie was out there advocating for LGBT rights long before any other Democratic politician, as an example. Bernie is consistent about what he says, and actually means what he says, and that is why people in power fear him. Albeit, if we were to get him elected, he would just be hindered by a fucked up congress that’ll just bicker and won’t actually accomplish anything, and that’ll add fuel to the conservatives fire that “THIS IS WHY COMMUNISM DOESN’T WORK!” even though, gee, IDK, universal healthcare is such a scary communist practice, that is exercised in literally every other capitalist country? Canada is NOT communist. You cannot be communist and have a monarch as head of state. Yes, Queen Elizabeth II, to this day, is still the Queen of Canada, as much as she is the Queen of the United Kingdom, or the Queen of Australia or New Zealand.

The Media

I stopped giving a fuck about what the media says a long long time ago. The media is out there, much like social media, just to fire people up, and make them angry. To me, the COVID-19 pandemic is over, and the only reason things aren’t fully back to normal is because people won’t get off their ass and get jobs. I’ve had all of my shots, including my booster, so I don’t give a fuck what the media says to try to scare us all. It’s over, it’s just the labor shortage that’s keeping us from returning to normal. I maintain faith that eventually unemployment benefits will come to a halt, and people will have to get up and get jobs, just like I’ve been doing throughout this entire pandemic. Or basically, in other words, fuck you media, get bent.


It appalls me that people continue to believe in the fallacy that Democrats or Republicans give a shit about us the people. Politicians are only there to make us feel like we have choice. We really live in a dictatorship, just like about every other country on earth. “Democratically elected” parliaments/congresses and Prime Ministers/Presidents are only there to make the people feel like they have power, when they don’t. True power rests in the hands of a small handful of billionaires. The true ruling class/elite.

COVID-19 Vaccines

COVID-19 Vaccines work and work well retards! I don’t know where this idea that vaccines are designed to eradicate and cure viruses came from. You can still get the flu with a flu shot. You can still get shingles with a shingles vaccine. Vaccines were NEVER designed to eradicate viruses. Vaccines were designed to provide the body with instructions on how to fight an actual virus, should you come in contact with an actual virus, so that way you don’t get sick, or if you DO get sick, it is less severe. Humanity has only ever eradicated ONE disease thanks to vaccines, and that is smallpox.

And DO NOT try to use “god” or “Jesus” as an excuse to avoid the vaccine. Because do you want to know something? Your precious Jesus, if he was alive today, believed so strongly in “love thine neighbor” and “love thine enemy” that he would’ve WORN A MASK throughout this entire disaster, he would’ve PRACTICED SOCIAL DISTANCING, and he WOULD HAVE GOTTEN HIS SHOT! I cannot think of a SINGLE VALID reason why “religious exemptions” to medicine or healthcare of ANY KIND should exist AT ALL. Especially when there is undeniable and fundamental SCIENTIFIC PROOF out there that has consistently, and thoroughly debunked what’s written in the bible.

Just get your goddamn shot. You fucking morons. Stop being scared of science because “it’s communism”. Science has it’s roots in capitalism, what you antivax morons are doing is arguing for a return to feudalism or tribalism if anything.

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