Craig’s Rants about Politics and Economics

  • March 19th 2021 – 10:42 PM: I have received both doses of the Moderna Coronavirus vaccination, along with most of my family. I am doing just fine. I’m so sick of all these vaccine skeptics and anti-vaccination idiots. It’s not dangerous. It is very effective. Yes you might get fucked up for about a day. But just shut the fuck up, and get your motherfucking vaccine. In other news, absolutely FUCK masks. I have had to wear one for so long now, that my nose randomly bleeds on it’s own, seemingly whenever it feels like it. I’m vaccinated. This is bullshit. If it wasn’t for my employer, and the draconian police around here, my mask would be OFF.
  • January 5th 2021 – 11:33 PM: Welp it’s the start of another motherfucking new year. Whoop de fucking do. It’s the same shit as 2020. Civil war is imminent, there’s supplies shortages everywhere, (especially with ammo now), and we have a fucking virus that doesn’t seem to wanna go away. (COVID-1984 as I’ve started calling it.) At least we have a few vaccines to try to fight this shit now, but it doesn’t help that like, almost nobody wants to get it. I may be a raging fundie Christian Republican in the eyes of many, but I’m still going to get my vaccine. My dad works in the pharmaceutical industry, and I trust the science, believe it or motherfucking not. Also, fucking hell, the Republicans are going to be in the minority for a long long time now aren’t they. Hey well, you can’t blame me. I voted for Jo Jorgensen. In other news, at least Oregon has voted to decriminalize all drugs. Finally, something I can get behind my state on. You don’t treat addiction by throwing people in jail…
  • June 29th 2020 – 9:27 PM: Holy fuck. A lot has happened between February and now. This whole motherfucking pandemic, the crashing of the economy, and this whole fucking disaster that is the 2020 election. Looks like we have fucking Senile old Rapist vs Senile old Rapist. This year went from being really good to REALLY SHIT REALLY FUCKIN FAST! This whole year just fucking, I can’t fucking even. And btw, the constitution doesn’t give you the right to loot people’s businesses or topple statues. But go ahead, call me the goddamn racist. Because it FUCKING DOESN’T! It gives you the right to peacefully assemble. FUCKING PEACEFULLY. And also, assembling at all right now is a bad idea, full stop. I like how when white people were assembling in April about “WE NEED TO GET BACK TO WORK” it was a bad idea because it was gonna spread corona, but now it’s somehow fine to gather en masse, because it FITS THEIR AGENDA.

    In other news, check out stonetoss:
  • February 26th 2020 – 6:16 PM: Well it took them long enough. State fags finally got me my tax refund. Fucking democrats can’t balance a budget and were holding my money hostage for quite a long time. But I finally got it, so fucking yay I guess! In other news, I now own a 2006 Ford Escape. This may or may not be related to getting a huge tax refund.
  • January 22nd 2020 – 2:46 AM: Hillary Clinton has said “nobody likes Bernie”. OH FUCK OFF! You’re just motherfucking SALTY that you lost in 2016 to Trump and are looking for a goddamn scapegoat. Can you fucking admit that NOBODY FUCKING LIKES YOU, YOU FUCKING OLD HAGGY CUNT? I swear to mother of fuck, people are absolutely fucking retarded, especially those who buy into this crap. And everyone who says that the “Bernie Bros gave us Trump” need to look at the stats. Most Bernie Bros begrudgingly voted for HILLARY in 2016, even though she CHEATED Bernie out of the nomination. I swear, the SJWs are so dead set on getting that goddamn pussy in the oval office. First Hillary, now fucking Elizabeth Warren. I’m just so fucking done with US Politics right now, and it’s fucking both sides. I almost feel like we fucking need to go 1776 again. God dammit people!
  • January 15th 2020 – 5:29 PM: The Democrat debate was last night, and now it is apparent that Elizabeth Warren is just Hillary Clinton 2.0. Fucking great. IMO Bernie REALLY needs to win the Democratic primaries. I might not agree with him on a lot, but the truth is, when he says something, he usually MEANS it. Unlike pretty much every other modern day Democrat, who changes their views as the wind blows, Bernie is consistent. He pretty much has been fighting for LGBTQ+ rights since the fucking 40s, along with rights for other minorities. That’s the thing I LIKE about Bernie, is even if I may not agree with him, to his credit, he is a CONSISTENT motherfucker. So I really hope he wins this, and Elizabeth Warren doesn’t get scummy during the Democratic Primaries and pull ANOTHER Hillary like in 2016, because “muh vagina in the oval office, also reee Trump.” God people are SO retarded, I swear to motherfuck
  • January 4th 2020 – 12:52 PM: Well apparently, Donald Trump has “started World War 3” with Iran. This shit is exactly why I also believe not only he needs to be tried for treason, but Pelosi does as well. Also in other news, the mail carrier may or may not have stolen a few of my small packets that I needed for my iBook G3 Snow. That’s just fucking great. Fucking USPS should be privatized IMO.
  • January 1st 2020 – 10:38 PM: Happy fucking New Year! I expect to see a lot of rants about politics popping the fuck up all over the world this year, starting as early as tomorrow, since we heading into the 2020 Presidential Election in November. I will definitely be keeping this page updated for sure! Tomorrow I begin the process of taking the guy who dicked me in the ass to small claims court and the IRS, so that’s fun. I’m still fucking grr about it.
  • December 30th 2019 – 10:36 PM: Well it’s almost the new year, and it’s also almost a new decade. The worst part in all this is that next year is Election year in the US and other countries too I’m sure. And truthfully, I don’t think Trump is gonna win re-election, which is a good thing, until you realize that some idiot like Bernie or Elizabeth will win it. Which, IMO, is arguably worse than Trump. Because a society where nobody works and does nothing all day and lives off of “free” government money, is EXACTLY what we need, no? Fucking idiots. I don’t know what the FUCK I would do all day without a job. Plus you’ll make more working anyways. Why are people so moronic?
  • December 29th 2019 – 9:55 PM: While at work today, turns out Oregon enacted a new law enforcing customers to ask for straws on the basis of “save the planet”. One customer reacted with, point blank: “FUCKING KATE BROWN!!!!” I don’t deny that there is a climate, but for fucks sake people, it’s mainly being caused by countries like China, Japan, India and Korea. And yet I thought Communism and Socialism were the good ones, and anything conservative was the spawn of Hitler. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST YOU DUMBFUCKS! CHINA, A COMMUNIST NATION, DUMPS MORE CARBON INTO THE ATMOSPHERE THAN MOST GODDAMN WESTERN COUNTRIES! AND THIS IS WHAT TRUMP IS TRYING TO FIGHT AGAINST WITH SANCTIONS ON THESE EAST ASIAN COUNTRIES! MOTHERFUCKING UGH YOU RETARDS!
  • December 29th 2019 – 5:17 PM: Just found out that Kate Brown claims she’s going to retire at the end of her term in 2022. AND STAY OUT!!!! Now if we could just get that idiot Pelosi, and that other idiot Pence, and that orangutan Trump out of office… Also, since Knute announced his candidacy for 2nd Oregon Congressional District, he’s become a Trumptard. Fucking really man? Why? Just fucking why?
  • December 29th 2019 – 11:38 AM: Just had an enlightening conversation about the “tolerant left”. One thing that these so called “tolerant left” people support is aborting a baby purely because it has a disability. You know, prenatal testing. Yet apparently the right wing is Nazi because we want to give babies with autism or downs syndrome a shot at life? Oh fucking please. It’s the left wing that’s acting like a Nazi here. Killing disabled people is literally Hitler. But apparently, no it’s not, I’M literally Hitler because I’m a moderate conservative who’s fed up with both parties and the toxic political climate in the US right now. Fuckin braindead Bernie Bros and Trumptards
  • December 29th 2019 – 10:07 AM: Just like I suspected. Some dubmass told me to “get off the damn fence” and do what? Join the AOC Socialism bandwagon? No thanks. I’m not a dumbass. Socialism doesn’t work, and the Scandinavian countries are not socialist. If I’m “getting off the damn fence” I’m gonna support more moderate REPUBLICANS. People like Knute Buehler or Jeb Bush. But until this toxic political climate in the US clears, I’m happy with being pissed off at both sides. Trump, Pence, Pai, Pelosi, Brown, and the Clintons all need to be tried for Treason tbh.
  • December 29th 2019 – 3:30 AM: If you’ve found this, welcome to the bottom pit of hell. You can expect me to rant about many things in here, but nothing will really make sense, because I’ll be calling for Donald Trump to do things he can’t do, but then calling for his trial as well. Anyways, enjoy this shitty page. More to come soon, I’m sure.