Minecraft Server

My Minecraft Server can be accessed at mc.komputerkid.net. It is available for both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition players. If you are playing on Bedrock Edition, you must set it to port 25565.

Currently my Minecraft Server requires that you are whitelisted in order to join. Due to trolling behavior in the past, I have had to enable this. If you are a longtime friend, please email me to request access. NOTE: If you are using Bedrock Edition, you MUST have a Java Edition account that is linked to Bedrock with Floodgate. More on this here.

The server has a survival MP world, creative world, and a Skyblock world. I may install a Skyblock plugin for Skyblock management in the future.

Please be sure to run /rules before playing. Useful information can be accessed with /info. Thank you for playing!

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