Even though I have links on my sidebar, and these are all the same links, this page explains a bit more about the links in the sidebar.

Associated sites/other cool sites:

  •– An IRC, Discord, Telegram, and Minecraft server network where you can talk about almost anything. Owned by a mate of mine.
  • – A dated looking “Geocities” style website that is the main website of a Discord server I am on. Also sort of a “sister” to A-I.
  • – A satirical but also serious website run by 2 disgruntled IT folks I know who are sick of Dell’s support bullshit. Well worth the read if you’re looking at a Dell. Thinkpad Masterrace tbh
  • – A cool guy from Canada who has a cool 90s looking website. Pulls off the geocities look better than DarkerJ’s site. Also has the old legacy Windows screensavers available for grabs on his site, and some cool software for old versions of Windows and DOS.
  • – One of said 2 disgruntled IT folk running the site. Lives in Israel and works for the US government. Not given anymore info besides that, and the fact that he runs a large company of some kind.

Useful links:

  • – While the forums have turned to shit, the FTP server is still a gold mine, and the only reason I am leaving it as a “useful link” on this site. You can get a lot of really cool abandonware and copies of Windows and Windows betas here.
  • – The best search engine for looking up anything you could ever possibly need.
  • – A wonderful resource for all things old mac, from 68k to PPC OS 9. These guys have a huge repository of not only software, but operating systems too. A good alternative to Beta Archive if you don’t have FTP on Beta Archive.
  • – A huge repository of things, but best known for having ROM files for old consoles like the GBA, GBC, OG GB, NES, SNES, DS, N64, etc. If you’re looking for ROMs, this is the place to go. Also a good resource for getting Windows XP and newer, as WinWorld doesn’t host newer than XP Release Candidates, and you need FTP access to get it from BA, which is getting increasingly harder to obtain as BAs repo is getting big.
  • – A decent repository of old Operating Systems, including Windows up to XP RC2, Classic Mac OS and early Mac OS X, Linux/UNIX, IBM OS/2, and DOS. Also has some software.
  • – A huge site full of all kinds of funny, informational, and just plain weird videos. Also hosts lots of movie and TV clips, and music.

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