Driver’s License

So about a month ago now, I finally went and took my driven test at the Bend DMV and got my Driver’s License. Here’s a little fun fact for you: I was 22 when I got my License. I know most people get it at 16, but not me. My parents made me wait, quite awhile, but I finally got it.

The drive test at the Bend DMV was interesting- I went straight to the counter, presented proof of insurance, and was then taken out to the car to do the car inspection. The car I was provided was my mom’s 2014 Ford Expedition. It passed all of the inspection requirements, so I made my way on out of the Bend DMV parking lot. I knew the drive test course like the back of my hand, thanks to professional driving instruction given to me through a behind the wheel driving school.

I did not get a perfect score. I messed up on a couple of things. Namely my turns were too wide (which the drive test proctor summed up to being the fault of driving such a huge car), and I almost had a little fender bender when changing lanes near Target.

Ultimately though, I passed with an 83/100 and was issued my Driver’s License! I now am able to drive cars, mopeds, and even small buses, as long as they carry less than 16 people and aren’t equipped with air brakes.

Next up, buy a car. I’ve got my eyes on a 2007 Ford Escape thru my former HS Teacher that I’ve known for over a decade.

Here it is!