Making model iBook G3 Clamshells, out of actual clamshells. Part 1

Hello all! Today I went to the beach, and while i was at the beach, I found a complete full size clamshell. I decided, what better way to have fun while on vacation, than to find 4 more and make model ibook G3 Clamshells out of actual clamshells. So my brother, grandparents and I scavenged the beach, looking for clamshells. We eventually found 5, although 3 had a lot of barnacles on them. To rectify this, when I brought them home, I let them soak in hot water for awhile while we made and ate dinner. Aftet dinner, I tried to scrape the barnacles off with a toothbrush, but ultimately I used the flathead on my swiss army to scrape them off which worked much better. Then, I washed them off in the sink with soap and a sponge and more hot water to get the excess algae off. I’m leaving them to dry overnight. Tomorrow I will stuff them with something, and paint them, and then make a makeshift hinge, or super glue them upright like it’s open. Will come back tomorrow with part 2.