New pages on the website. PC Collection, about me, and links pages.

Hello everyone,
Last night, I diligently did some work on this place, and added a Links page, an about me page, and a page with my PC collection. You can click the links in the top navigation bar to get to all of these pages. Please note that the PC collection page is still a WIP, and I have not added all of my computers to the list yet. I will add the remaining in the coming days or weeks (I have 3 more to do, I believe).
The about me page contains a few fun/interesting/just plain facts about myself. Nothing too crazy.
I also updated the main index page, which can be reached by clicking on “KomputerKid’s Website” in the navigation bar. That now has hotlinks to all the other pages, so you don’t have to use the navbar.
I will have more content and rambles coming soon to the blog, so stay tuned for more information. 🙂