KK's Personal MC Server is back… AGAIN (This is the 20th time or so isn't it?)

So, lets make this short and sweet. A few months ago, Digital Ocean overhauled their pricing and plans. So basically now I can afford a decent specification service with them. My current server I pay $15/mo and I have 3 GB of RAM, a Tri Core CPU, and 60 GB of disk space. I have been running a Minecraft server for a sister site/network of sorts on this server, but then I learned that someone had actually properly implemented Virtual Hosting into the Minecraft server protocol. So at that point I figured I may as well bring it back. But this time, I am keeping it around, and I actually mean it, no jokes or anything. The world has been started anew for now, but I may or may not try to restore the old meme world from the olden days in 2016 and 2017.
If you wish to connect, you can do so at mc.komputerkid.net. Please read the /rules before playing. Thanks!