I built a NAS and other computer things

So in news nobody cares about ™, a few weeks ago I built myself a nice NAS. It’s not complete yet though. I still have more plans for the future, but this is it’s current specs…

  1. Intel Core i5 2400
  2. 8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz RAM (clocked down to 1333 MHz)
  3. 2x 2 TB HDDs, 1x 500 GB HDD for plugins/VMs, and a 32 GB flash drive to run the OS off of
  4. FreeNAS 11.1

The board I am using is a ThinkCentre m17e board. So effectively, my NAS is a re-purposed ThinkCentre in a different chassis.
I am currently hosting TV, Music, Movies, and ISO files on there. I don’t plan on hosting much else on there.
Planned upgrades include 2 more 2 TB HDDs, and possibly an additional 8 GB of RAM.
In the near future, I hopefully will be receiving an iMac G3 from a buddy of mine from California. Plans for that include a Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X dual boot, 1 GB of PC133 RAM, and a 32 GB SSD for it. I plan on using it for legacy apple computing on OS 9, and more modern shit on OS X as a challenge to see if OS X PPC can still be used today with upgraded hardware.
In the more distant future (in like 8 years), I might be picking up a Pentium III from a buddy of mine in Spain and lugging it back to Oregon in a separately checked luggage bag… lel. The plan for this machine if it even pans out is to use it as a legacy Windows 9x gaming machine.